To our customers We offer :

Ø      A service for a photographic technique - WHATEVER - digital and classic; amateur and professional !
For 14 years, each day already, our service engineers work, for you to have a standing photographic technique, then, when needing her.
They know the finenesses to the diagnostics, the repair and the prophylaxis to the cameras, the objectives, the reports and studios lightnings, the generators and etc.
They have rich engineer's attempt in domains as specialized microelectronics, the optician and dinky action.
The service is supplied with remedial documentation /as for film cameras, so for last models as well digital proficiency/ and the needed equipment, work precisely as well qualitatively!

We do:


This is the base of the precise repair. We find the cause of the trouble and determine rate for the concrete repair.
We remove her ground, companying reason,. We provide the needed original reserve parts of the producing companies to the technique . We accept 3 month written guarantee.
The work to main bow-more service indicators and cleaning the mechanisms and the optics includes check. It is in special meaning for the prophylactic to be made 2 times annually - spring and fall.
Service subscription
To studio equipment of lightings and photography as well as equipment of VIP clients.

To the following technique in over 150 brands and over 1200 models :

·        Cameras - digital and classic, film, compact, SLR ; The amateur and professional, manual and automatic modes, the Leica format, middle format cameras, large format cameras, manual  and automatic focus;

·        Lightings - for photography and television, impulse-flashes, permanent-warm and daylight for photo studios and movie products;

·        Lightnings - portable, stationary, Coverages, Automatic and adjustive, analogue and high - speed, computational, Generators to high tension for monoblock as well;

·        Lenses - fix and zoom, photo, cinema and video with a manual and automatic focus with manual and automatic diafragm with a front, inner and rear focus, On digital cameras for film  cameras as well;

·        Optics - monoculars, binoculars, scopes, light microscopes, digital adapters;

·        Flashmeters and colormeters - analog and digital;

·        Stroboscopes - cars, police, club and scenic,, for the auto-diagnostician, effect lights;

·        Projectors - Automatic and mechanical;

·        Photocells - for lightings and studio sets; 

 IR lightnings - for synchronizing lightnings;

·        Radio slaves to flashes;

·        Free number of lightnings to one film or digital camera multichanels active live safe action synchronize;

·        Accessory - stands, generators, filters, lenses, honey combs, spots, glowing tents of to a lesser extent fishy photography, affixes for macro and teleconverters, adapters for digital cameras and adapters for filters and for preservation;  

Most popular brands are:
Nikon Canon Olympus Kodak Fuji Konica Minolta Panasonic HP Kyocera Yashica Pentax Concord Jenoptik Sigma Tamron CasioTokina HP Panasonic Epson Samsung Hasselblad Mamiya Rollei Praktica Exakta Hama Sony Broncolor Vivitar Pentacon Zenit Multiblitz Skina Hensel Visatec Voigtlander Balcar Werra Zeiss Ikon... and all had gone.

Ø      Consultations at purchase of studio defecation, a box camera, a objective or lightning. It rests longstanding attempt We can help you save your time and some of your money!


 Ø      Tuition of work with proficiency  bought by us - camera or studio defecation!


   Ø      How do an e-mail or telephone consultations for our customers, solve a concrete photographic problem.


           Ø      Rental
To studio illumination for professions, students, students, fans, ad agencies, casting agencies.

   Ø      Estimate - To an used and antiquarian photographic technique.


  Ø      We buy photographic equipment - cameras and lightings at the discretion of Photoexpert.

   To second hand and antiquarian equipment.