Dear Photographers – amateurs and professionals !

Dear friends !

Welcome in our new web site for photographic techniques and service    !

Here you will find ALMOST everything necessary for report and studio photography !  Because EVERYTHING   necessary is never offer or  find.  It’s only in our ideas and mental pictures for the perfect photography equipment. In our site you can find cameras, lenses, flashes, studio lightings, accessories, constant lightings for photography and video, mobile generators and portable power supplies, rail and background systems, backgrounds – paper and fabrics, mobile storage solutions etc.

We will offer you very good SERVICE  for your techniques:

  • -cameras – digital or film;
  • -lenses;
  • -flashes;
  • -generators;
  • -accessories;
  • -colormeters and flashmeters;
  • -binoculars;
  • -projectors;

Only   is in condition to offer you guaranty, afterguaranty or subscription service to your studio lightings – flashes, generators, stands lightings.

We woul’d like to add that the firm is official representative to the following trade-mark photographic techniques for Bulgaria:

  MULTIBLITZ, Germany 

  ELFO, Poland 


  ELEKTRONA, Slovenia 

  INNOVATRONIX, Philippines 

  DIP WIESEL, Austria